About Me

Dough Puncher (n.): One who punches (and most likely eats) dough.

Origin: western; a rancher who was bad at all things ranching, who then was delegated kitchen duties.

Rest Assured, the above rancher was probably me in another life. At least I made the best of it.

Basically, I'm a baker. I bake at work, I bake at home, and I bake at school. It's obsessive and crazy, but I love it. I spend an inexcusable amount of time reading food blogs and have an obvious obsession with dessert. Also with Harrison Ford. But I suppose that's not applicable here. I recently graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Journalism, majoring in Advertising and PR. More recently, I also graduated from The French Pastry School out in Chicago, where I had the amazing opportunity to study under leading pastry professionals and chocolate artisans.

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