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Tea Time.

7:30pm. Tuesday night. Inadvisably large bowl of frosted flakes. The latest Netflix Original playing on the laptop that currently serves as both home office and home entertainment center. Also, stretchy-waist pants + the book I tell myself I'm going to read as soon as I finish up one more episode. Netflix Original of choice:  Happy Valley . A somewhat violent British Crime Drama focusing on the life and struggle of Sergeant Catherine Cahill. Drugs. Mobs. Prison. Justice. Cahill fights all the demons you would expect from a drama of that sort. Does she find peace? Not really. Does she kick a@%? Most definitely. Does she make it back in time to put the kettle on for tea time? Always. So sitting here in my sweats eating absurd amounts of cereal, I feel like... Tea Time. But, like, cute. Dainty sandwiches and little scones and jams. However, because my Texan heart has little experience with tea party rituals, I've done some brief internet r

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